With regards to lady friends, Leonardo DiCaprio has a sort — a lady with a lapse date. Beginning around 1999, when he started dating model Gisele Bündchen, 18 (they separated when she was 23), the

"Quite a long time ago … In Hollywood" entertainer has not been openly joined to a lady beyond 25 years old. When his lady buddies hit the 25 year point, things go kablooey and Leo,

presently 47, is on to stand out as truly newsworthy with his next sweet youthful thing. The most recent survivor of this inflexibly agist design: Camila Morrone, who turned 25 on June 16 and whose

separation with DiCaprio was reported on Tuesday. The model-entertainer presently joins an exhibition of stunning youthful ladies set free by DiCaprio — and one DiCaprio source said this is on the

grounds that he would rather not be secured. "When young ladies arrive at 25, they're searching for more — they're hoping to get hitched and settle down. That isn't the very thing Leo needs.

He doesn't need a family and doesn't have any desire to associate with ladies who might squeeze him for that," the DiCaprio source, told The Post. "The moment a young lady meets him,

the clock is ticking. On the off chance that she goes downhill, in two or three years, she is no more. In the event that she gets excessively close, in several years, she is no more. "He's aged

however his taste has not gotten any more established." Or on the other hand, to cite Matthew McConaughey's personality in the film "Stupefied and Confused:" "I progress in years, they stay a

similar age." Twitter, in the interim, is having a prime with DiCaprio's history. "The young lady Leonardo DiCaprio will dump when he is 72 was conceived today," jested one internet based sway.

Needled one more of the entertainer's famous 1997 job: "titanic turns 25 this year so, all in all I expect leonardo dicaprio will never again need to be in it." After things slowed down with

Bündchen back in 2004, DiCaprio took up with Sports Illustrated model Bar Refaeli; it's been said that his choice to not go to the Met Ball with Rafaeli hastened their split. In 2011, DiCaprio,

at age 35, partook in a one-extended globe-jogging run in the organization of 23-year-old Blake Lively. Somewhere in the range of 2013 and 2017, as DiCaprio's age went from 38 to 42, he dated model

Toni Garrn, "Baywatch" revamp star Kelly Rohrbach and bathing suit shocker Nina Agdal. They were all in their 20s and, as per different reports, each beat down was agreeable. Slashing to frame,

Agdal failed horrendously not long after turning 25. DiCaprio met model-turned-entertainer Morrone through individual Hollywood wolf Al Pacino, who legend dated Morrone's mother, Lucila Sola,

for 10 years. Pacino's ladies continue to get more youthful, as well, with the 82-year-old generally as of late connected to Noor Alfallah, 28. Heidi Fleiss, the previous Hollywood lady who has an

intimate knowledge of more established men matching with more youthful ladies, likewise has known DiCaprio since he was a child.: Her late pediatrician father and Leo's father, essayist and

some of the time entertainer George DiCaprio, were pals. She dwells solidly with Team Leo. www.viralfactz.com