He seems to be a complete Morrone. The web was set on fire when news broke Tuesday that Leonardo DiCaprio and his much-more youthful sweetheart, Camila Morrone, supposedly split following

four years of dating. Twitter clients quickly savaged 47-year-old DiCaprio — who is said to just date ladies under 25 — over his unavoidable separation from the model, who just turned 25 in June.

"perhaps leonardo dicaprio loathed 9/11 such a lot of that he couldn't date ladies who recall it. did that even seem obvious you," one Twitter client viciously kidded. "perhaps leonardo dicaprio feels

 terrible for every one of the ones who can't lease a vehicle until they are 25 and is truly a truly hero. did that at any point seem obvious you," a second proposed. "Leonardo Dicaprio when

his lady friends arrive at 25 years old," another Twitter client inscribed a clasp of a lady tossing a child into a fire. "The young lady Leonardo DiCaprio will dump when he's 72 was conceived

today," a fourth punched."there's no peculiarity on this planet more dependable than leonardo dicaprio saying a final farewell to his young lady by age 25, the details are stunning,"

another person composed. "Leonardo DiCaprio once his sweetheart's cerebrum completes improvement," one more savage posted close by a clasp of Miley Cyrus pantomiming blowing a say farewell

to in "Hannah Montana." "3 things are sure throughout everyday life: - demise - charges - leonardo dicaprio parting ways with his sweetheart before her pre-cerebrum has completely evolved,"

another individual concurred. "the prospect of leonardo dicaprio conceivably dating somebody brought into the world during the 2000s is really unnerving," another netizen shared.

"in two years, when Variety declares that Leonardo DiCaprio and Olivia Rodrigo have begun dating, it will be a f-ruler unpleasant day,"  one prankster tweeted, alluding to the 19-year-old vocalist.

"I want to know how leonardo dicaprio conducts these separations. does he begin starting quarrel a very long time before they go 25 to be less prominent? do they awaken on their birthday

to a note that says 'sorry I can't don't despise me' somebody pls research," another person asked, referring to the note Carrie Bradshaw got from Burger in a "S+x and the City" episode.