Rolling stone fellow benefactor Jann Wenner dishes up a few delicious tales about a portion of the celebs he's met through his celebrated vocation in his impending journal,

Wenner recollects a brilliant evening gathering tossed by Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson that included visitors Bruce and Patti Springsteen and Arnold  and his then-spouse Maria .

Arnold Schwarzenegger

As well as Rolling Stone, Wenner claimed Us Weekly for a period. He composes how, in 2005, a photographic artist that Us worked with got a tip that Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

was remaining at a hotel on the bank of Africa with Brad Pitt — who was as yet hitched to Jennifer Aniston at that point. The new couple, who had cooperated on the film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith,"

As the prime supporter of Rolling S, Wenner got the opportunity to be a fanboy with his #1 specialists. However, they didn't necessarily cherish him back. Wenner composes of going to Paul's

Paul Simon

goodbye show at Madison Square Garden in 2018 and being floored by: "the show went right onto my record-breaking best rundown." The following day he sent a genuine letter to the "Graceland" vocalist,

Wenner says that he was well disposed with Cruise for some time, however concedes that the "Top Gun" star is code. He composes of one Rolling  profile, for which a journalist was permitted

Tom Cruise

to meet Cruise's mom and sister and go on a directed visit through a Scientology Center with the entertainer, who is a fervent fan of the religion.

Very rich person David Geffen was a significant power in the music business during the 1970s, '80s and '90s, establishing Asylum Records and his own Geffen name, among others .

David Geffen

So it appeared to be normal for W to go to him for business exhortation. It went poorly. D had an approach to causing you to feel terrible on the grounds that you weren't how rich as he seemed to be .

In the wake of going through heart medical , RW found a typical secondary effect where the body collects liquids. the overabundance liquids some of the time assemble in the scrotum.

Bette Midler

“Mine was now the size of a head of cauliflower— not a grapefruit, not  two papayas. A f–king cauliflower! It was a scary thing to see attached  to your body,” Wenner writes with humor.

Wenner, who has known Bob Dylan for decades and interviewed him for  Rolling Stone, says he learned to never shake the iconic musician’s  hand. “If you did, he let his hand stay motionless

Bob Dylan

in your palm as if you were holding a dead fish,” Wenner writes. “It was  unnerving and would make you all the more awkward being with him.”