Spencer Pratt has multiplied down on his case that Lisa Kudrow is "perhaps of the most terrible human" he's always met. "The Hills" alum kept mixing the pot with another video

shared to TikTok on Saturday, in which he definite a supposed discussion between the "Companions" star and his better half, Heidi Montag. "It was 2009 and Heidi and I were welcome to

our most memorable tip top A-rundown party. It was clear when we arrived, nobody needed us there," the truth star, 39, started, prior to referring to Kudrow by her notable person's name,

Phoebe Buffay. "It was practically similar to we were recording for 'Punk'd' and a camera planned to spring up, however Heidi and I didn't  mind as there was delightful food

and free drinks," he proceeded. "As we were staying there consuming a little caviar, Phoebe [Kudrow] approaches, which was somewhat surprising as nobody had addressed us by any means at the party."

Pratt then, at that point, claimed that the sitcom star, 59, continued to tell Montag, 35, that she "wants to move away from me as quick as conceivable on the grounds that I will kill her" and that

he had "the eyes of a chronic executioner." As per Pratt, Montag held back to check whether it was "a joke," prior to acknowledging it plainly wasn't. "Perhaps this is a little, a drama - perhaps

this is a secret camera party and why we were welcome to this world class party - yet no giggles," he reviewed. "She simply leaves, and that not too far off was the rudest second

I've at any point experienced with an individual." One fan remarked, "Please accept my apologies I love her for that, THATS silly," while one more stated, "Greatest thing I escaped this is that Lisa

watched the slopes A third devotee tolled in, "Well obviously she was put resources into the show Fanatics of "The Hills" will review that Pratt and Montag were portrayed as the

show's principal bad guys, featuring inverse Montag's reluctant rival, Lauren Conrad. A rep for Kudrow didn't promptly answer Page Six's solicitation for input.

The unscripted television alum initially took to TikTok before this week when he answered a fan who requested that he name the rudest superstar he's consistently met.